Remove the Header and Footer on a Squarespace website

When creating a landing page, you may want to remove the Header and/or Footer from the page so the website visitor stays on your landing page.

Below is CSS code you can add to your landing page to remove the Header and Footer, including the Announcement Bar.

/* REMOVE TOP SECTIONS - Header, Mobile Header, Announcement Bar */
.Header, .Mobile-bar, .sqs-announcement-bar {display:none !important;}
.Footer {display:none !important;}

If you prefer to keep the Header but just remove the Navigation links, you can use the below CSS code instead.

/* REMOVE TOP SECTIONS - Desktop Navigation, Mobile Navigation */
.Header-nav-inner, .Mobile-bar-menu  {display:none !important;}

Tested on the Brine Squarespace Template - September 26, 2018

Ken Westphal